If you’ve ever been on holiday in Spain and wished that you spoke the language more, or perhaps one of your goals in life is to learn another language then a language holiday might be something worth looking in to.  They aren’t just for teenagers helping them through their exams, there are plenty of Spanish language holidays for adults out there too.

Why go on a language holiday?

Language holidays are very different to your regular holiday abroad.  Yes you’ll see the culture and often you’ll go on trips too, but language holidays also have dedicated time and lessons to learn Spanish.

By having this time with local speakers of the language your focus of your time away goes from sightseeing (although you’ll often do this too) to learning to communicate.  By being able to communicate it opens up a whole new world!

You’ll often take time to do your class learning in the morning and the afternoons are for sightseeing, going on trips and enjoying the culture that you’re experiencing.  It can be a great way to jump start your Spanish and get you away from the very beginner level or if you already know a little it can be fantastic for improving your confidence.

Tips for choosing the best Spanish language holidays for adults

When looking for a good provider of Spanish language holidays you’ll want to bear in mind a few things.

First look at the age range of the people that are likely to be coming.  Is it targeted at older or younger people?  It might not matter to you much but being somewhere with like minded people is a bonus.  If you’re young will you be ok with a group of older people and vice versa?  If it concerns you, ask the holiday company what ages they normally attract.

Check the price and what that gets you.  Does it only cover tuition?  Does it cover accommodation and meals?  What about sightseeing trips?

Are the teachers native speakers?  Will the classes be conducted in the target language only so that you are immersed or will they speak English?  Again your personal preferences will dictate if any of these are deal breakers for you

Where is the language school?  Is it in a city or small beach town?  Will this affect what you do in your spare time?

Recommended providers

There are many different places that offer Spanish language holidays.  Each one will differ in what they offer so take a look at what’s important to you and make sure that what you choose matches that.

My favourite and highly recommended provider of Spanish language courses is Don Quijote – they have a wide variety of courses so you’ll likely find something that will suit you in all areas of Spain and also in Latin America.

Spanish language holidays for adults

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